My blog is moving!

I don’t feel WordPress really suits my needs as a blogger, so I am moving my blog over to tumblr, where I will post sketches and photos and generally keep things more casual. I am moving all the old posts over there, so you can still read them if you like. My new blog is at, find me there!

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Work in Progress – Wild West


I am currently working on a manga-inspired project featuring a cute cowgirl out in the Wild West. This is it so far, but I have a lot of work to do on the colouring still.

I thought some of you may be interested in how I work, so this is a special work in progress post. See more work in progress, sketches and explanations after the jump.

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Wild West Sketches

My next piece is inspired by the Wild West. I’m trying out different compositions and refining my sketches before starting on it. I want to work on her hands and face a bit more. It’s tough accepting all your mistakes in a drawing but it’s the best way to improve.




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Another chibi character to brighten your Sunday morning!

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New work today, after experimenting with a chibi style. A lot of my sketches didn’t turn out so well but I’m pleased with this one. Going to keep practising.

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Productive bank holiday

It’s been a productive bank holiday! Below, I’m sharing my sketches and a fimo necklace I made. I can’t wait to make more! Check back soon to see the sketches as finished artwork.





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Disney Colouring


I know Ariel isn’t a great role model (she changed everything about herself, including the ability to speak or express herself, and disowned her entire family, for someone she hadn’t even properly met) but she’s still one of my favourite disney princesses!

This was a colouring excerise, which I got from Ryan Wood via Lois Van Baarle – it was a lot of fun, but also frustrating as this style of painting is new to me. I think I might try this again with different colouring pages, as its a good way of practising without having to draw something out first!

Here is the original colouring page if you want to see it.

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