Inspirational Business Cards

We get lots of business cards from people in all sorts of professions, and as the new kid I’m doing overtime to scan them into our digital address book. A lot are home-made. To keep my sanity I’d like to show you some of my favourites from around the web.

1. This stunning motherboard inspired card for Tatsuya Aoki by Graviton wouldn’t look out of place in a vinyl toy collection.

2. Switchopen embraces the dark arts in this psychic themed illustrated card.

3. This simple, bold card from Matt Axell is shows hints of days gone by.

4. Craig Duffney utilises split fountain printing in Nara’s futuristic cards.

5. A definite favourite of mine has to be the delicious looking biscuit cards for The Bombay Bakery. These are actually edible and you can see more of them here.

6.  Finally, letterpressed designs, like this one designed for Nathaniel Freeman, usually call for thick card, but the experts at Beast Pieces are using a 90lb stock that gives an elegant finish.

I hope that gets you all fired up to create your own business cards!


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