Website of the Week: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Various designs featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Image Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper, respective designers*

I’m not really a “stationery person”, as I find the stuff in the shops to be quite bland or too trendy, when I want something that matches my personality. So when I discovered Oh So Beautiful Paper I was in awe of the unqiue, quirky and stunningly created designs they feature from designers.

The site is updated regularly, and mostly feature elegant contemporary wedding invitations that commemorate special dates in the most brilliant way.

The collection above shows the vintage feel, textures, colour, typography and use of letterpress that are recurring themes in the chosen designs. There are some really cute ideas, like the cork label on the Martha’s Vineyard wedding set, while others, like the letterpressed air mail cards, are pure eye-candy.

These types of work – particularly the laser-cut wooden invitation -aren’t cheap to produce, but are so perfect for weddings.

Go check out more designers at Oh So Beautiful Paper; I’ll be waiting!

* From left to right, top to bottom: Campbell Raw Press, Lindsay Letters, Meg McGrath, Kate Holgate, Paisley Quill, Monumental Designs


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