Creative Process: Jubilee

Illustration by Madeleine AllcockDiamond Jubilee for Bubble Creative Facebook page

Today I’m going to share the creative process behind the illustration of the Diamond Jubilee.

Sketchbook by Madeleine Allcock

The brief behind this illustration was to “create a Facebook cover and icon for Bubble Creative Solutions that people can engage with, marking the event of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and promoting Bubble as graphic design company”.

To begin with, I research the topic and make initial sketches from photographs, which are redrawn in my own style. Further drawings are made, looking at the relationships between the sketches on the page. I decide that the crown and the corgi go together, and to use lettering, stamps and road signs.

Sketchbook by Madeleine Allcock

2-5 rough layouts are designed based on the sketches. The best one is chosen and I make any necessary changes before scanning everything in.

For this piece, I arrange sketches digitally and separate them on a new layer. Normally the sketches are redrawn in Photoshop or Illustrator, but this piece required a hand-crafted, “make-do-and-mend”, vintage feel. Choosing colours on a variation of the red, white and blue used in the Great Britain flag, the piece is coloured in Photoshop.

Bubble Icon

The facebook icon completes the image (the medal) when overlapping the cover illustration.

Obviously this isn’t the best or only way to go about an illustration, and I would be very interested to hear how fellow illustrators go about their creative process.

Any questions please ask and I will be happy to respond.

Thanks for reading!


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