Work in Progress – Wild West


I am currently working on a manga-inspired project featuring a cute cowgirl out in the Wild West. This is it so far, but I have a lot of work to do on the colouring still.

I thought some of you may be interested in how I work, so this is a special work in progress post. See more work in progress, sketches and explanations after the jump.

First of all I like to get out with a camera or look in books for reference images. If I don’t have these to hand or there is a time limit on the project I browse images sites like deviantART and iStock to look at stock photos related to my theme.



Above: stock photos from deviantART and my long suffering sister, who often poses for my work.

I draw the girl and background separately and scan both into photoshop before playing around with compositions. I introduced a horse at one stage but decided it wasn’t really working for me.



After deciding on a composition I refined the sketch, including redrawing the hands.


Next comes the line art. As you can see I am still editing the sketch even at this point, for example I redrew the girl’s face to make her cuter and more of a heroine.


Next I coloured the image in grey, this is to help me choose colour values and make sure the image has contrast.


After choosing flat colours I start to shade various elements.


Please check back soon for more progress shots and the final image.


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